Цепные вариаторы типоряд CVT


A completely steel made chain variator works with a constant power output while changing speed and torque: also recent developments in automotive industry are based on PIV technology.
Variation of torque with constant power output, high efficency with torque sensor, good level performances as a result of high tech chains, independent speed control of driving and driven unit, drive management with several driven units are the most important features of CVT applications.

Technical Data
Power Rating: up to 150 kW
Speed range: R= 2,4 up to 6

POSIDISC variable speed gear
The spherical disc gear POSIDISC is the 'all-rounder' amongst the infinitely variable speed gears from PIV: easy maintenance, favourable behaviour in extreme operating conditions and the speed adjustement both during operation and at standstill, make it very interesting.
The gear is completely insensitive to jolt operation. Even if the output is blocked per short times, no damage occurs: a starting or safety clutch is not needed. Operating factors need not be specified for dimensioning, the gear can be run with its catalogue torque in continuous operation.

Technical Data
Variation Ratio: 6 – 10 or up to output speed = 0
Power Rating: up to 3 kW

POSICHAIN Variable speed gear
The PIV POSICHAIN (A200 and RH series) gear is the 'classic' infinitely variable speed gear from PIV.
The most important features are:
Simple maintenance and high efficiency that enables economical solutions, even in continuous operation, and high speed setting accuracy.
The features of the 'torque converter' permit high torques at small speeds. Extensive accessories such as regulating device, tachometer, position response synchro, limit switch extensions and speed governor are also avaible. High system protection for operation in dirty environments.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 160.000 Nm
Speed range R= 2 – 3 – 4 and 6
Power Rating: up to 175 kW

POSIMAR Generator drive
The POSIMAR generator drive is the ideal adaptation between the varying-speed motor (ship's engine, railway engine, generator motor etc.) and the constantly-rotating power generator. An electro-hydraulic control integrated in the gear adjusts the ratio so that the generator speed is kept constant to 1%.

Technical Data
Variation Ratio: up to 6
Power Rating: up to 400 kW

Технические данные:

  • Power Rating: up to 400 kW
  • Speed range: R= up to 10

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